Alice Trackplan (26 input 8 bus mixing console)
Apple Mac Pro 3.1 Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Avid Pro Tools 8 HD
Avid Pro Tools HD w/ 24 ins & outs
Apogee Rosetta 800 8 Channel AD/DA Converter
Lynx Aurora 16 16 Channel AD/DA Converter
MOTU MIDI Express 128 USB MIDI Interface
Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
PMC TB2 Nearfield Monitors
Tannoy Classic Gold (15″)
Quad 520F Power Amp (x2)
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio Headphones
Hear Technologies Hear Back Personal Monitor Mixer System
BAE 1073D Mic Preamp
AML 5003D “Carnhill” Mic Preamp (x2)
Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity Mic Preamp (x2)
All microphones from Studio 1 are available for use in Studio 2. We have multiples of most microphones to allow all 3 studios to operate without compromise. If there is something in particular that you wish to be available for your session, please let us know.
Dynamics & EQ
ADR Compex F769X-R Vocal Stressor
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor/Limiter
1178 Clone (in desk master section)
Alice Limiters x4 (in desk master section)
SSL Bus Compressor Clone
Pultec EQH-2 EQ
TF Pro Edward The Compressor
Reverbs & FX
Lexicon PCM60 Digital Effects Processor
Eventide H3000 D/SE Ultra-Harmonizer
Roland RE–150 Space Echo
TC Electronic M3000 Studio Reverb Processor
Audio Ease Altiverb 6
Abbey Road Brilliance Pack
Antares Auto-Tune 4
FabFilter Micro
FabFilter Pro-C
FabFilter Pro-G
FabFilter Pro-L
FabFilter Pro-Q
FabFilter Saturn
FabFilter Simplon
FabFilter Timeless 2
FabFilter Volcano 2
IK Multimedia T-RackS
Izotope Ozone 5
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle
Native Instruments Absynth 5
Native Instruments FM8
Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4
Native Instruments Komplete 4
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Softube Acoustic Feedback
Softube Active Equalizer
Softube Amp Room Bundle
Softube Bass Amp Room
Softube FET Compressor
Softube Focusing Equalizer
Softube Passive Equalizer
Softube Spring Reverb
Softube Tonelux Tilt
Softube Trident A-Range
Softube Tube Delay
Slate Digital Trigger
Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B
Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C
Softube Valley People Dyna-mite
Sonnox Oxford EQ
Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser
Sonnox Oxford DeBuzzer
Sonnox Oxford DeClicker
Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
Sonnox Oxford Inflator
Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator
Sonnox Oxford Dynamics
Sony Oxford Reverb
Soundtoys 4
SPL Transient Designer Plugins
Various Waves Plugins